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The journey of Nakanishi Group began with a passion for quality food products. Driven by love for great and healthy snacks, confectionary and baverages, the company drives with a focus on importing and trading high-quality products. With an eye for detail and a commitment to excellence,  the company quickly gained a reputation for supplying premium ingredients  to top restaurants and hotels across the globe.


As the company expanded, an opportunity to venture into the  events industry came. Leveraging their expertise in snack,  confectionary and beverages, the Nakanishi Group began organizing exclusive  food and beverages events, bringing together top manufacturer,  food enthusiasts, and industry professionals. These events not only showcased  the great and unique products but also provided a platform for networking and  collaboration within the industry.


One of the most exciting chapters in the Nakanishi Group's story is its foray  into the Wagyu business. Recognizing the growing demand for high-quality Wagyu  beef, the company established partnerships with leading Wagyu producers in Japan.  Through these partnerships, they ensured a steady supply of the finest Wagyu  beef to their clients worldwide.

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