Halal Guaranteed

All meat and meat based products to be imported to Malaysia must be halal. For the purpose of the importation approval, JAKIM and Department of Veterinary Services

Malaysia (DVS) will conduct inspection/audit to the abattoirs and processing plants. JAKIM will inspect in terms of halal aspect and DVS will inspect in terms of animal health and food safety.

Upon approval of both departments, the abattoirs and processing plants will be listed in the Malaysian approved plants list. The halal certificate issued by the recognised certification body will only be valid upon approval from the Malaysian authority.

We can only provide a copy of the cert referring to the type of confirmed meat purchased by the customer due to different meat will have different certificates from different recognized halal bodies.

Also we shall cover all the sensitive related information stated in the cert that deemed required

If you require to view the Halal Certificate, we have attached sample(s) which shows one of our batch being certified.